. . . may we share our gifts with the hungry.

. . . may we be good stewards of the earth.

. . . may we build a community of cooperation and care.

Our Beginning

Unfortunately, 1 in 7 individuals in East Central Illinois struggles with hunger and 1 in 5 children doesn't know where their next meal will come from, according to Feeding America. Despite its reputation for having some of the best farmland in the world, Central Illinois is no stranger to this problem. One of the problems contributing to hunger and obesity in our communities is poor access to healthy, affordable foods for families with low-incomes.

This is exactly what the farm founders of Sola Gratia Farm wanted to address when the farm was started six years ago. Started by St. Matthew Lutheran Church and Faith in Place in 2012, this small-scale urban vegetable farm was established with the overall goal of building a regional food system where high-quality, locally grown produce is available to everyone, especially those at an economic disadvantage.


“A happy and healthy community is not a fairytale. All you need is a seed.”

— NADIA Shabazz


Our Mission

Sola Gratia Farm is a community-based farm dedicated to producing locally-grown, high-quality, natural produce. Responding to the Gospel, the farm is committed to helping those who lack adequate food resources by donating a minimum of ten percent of its produce to support regional hunger programs.  The farm promotes healthy lifestyles and community building through volunteering and service, special events and outreach and education programs.  


Community Hunger Assistance

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Sola Gratia Farm donates at least 10 percent of its produce to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank and other hunger abatement programs in East Central Illinois, such as the Daily Bread Soup Kitchen and the C-U Public Health District.  Over the last seven years, we have donated over 62,000 pounds of produce (approximately 30% of our harvest!),  and with your help, ,we can continue making fresh, healthy, locally grown produce accessible to everyone

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Sustainable Farming Practices


Sola Gratia Farm employs organic production methods that focus on growing an abundance of nutritious, and delicious fruits and vegetables, while enhancing soil structure and biology, and helping to build a community that values high-quality, locally grown food.  Members can join the CSA (community supported agriculture) program and receive 4-28 weeks of local and naturally grown vegetables while helping to contribute to community hunger assistance.  Shares may also be purchased for direct donation to the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

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Community Building


Sola Gratia Farm encourages community involvement in the farm, not just through CSA membership, but through volunteer opportunities, special events and educational programming.    

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