Springtime is coming, Sola Nation!

Okay okay, so the town was covered in ice a few days ago, and it feels like its still a ways off, but springtime is coming! The seed is ordered. The high tunnel will be planted with spring crops in the next week. The first tomatoes of the season have been seeded and are cooking in our germination chamber. Our onions have sprouted. Spring. Is. Coming. I have caught the excitement of the spring early this year, and I'm loving it. It must be all of the plans and partnerships that we're developing this winter. The last couple of seasons have started with warm temperatures and early last frosts. We're going to be ready if that trend continues.

The crop plan is finished. We've reviewed your surveys, taken all of your feedback into account, and made some changes. This crop plan informs the entire season's growing plan and ensures timely plantings of each of your favorite crops. We planted garlic last fall, so it'll be nice to have that this season (garlic scapes, anyone?). We're planning on expanding heavily on our head lettuce production, green beans, cucumbers, and a few other favorites. We're trialing a yellow version of your favorite Carmen red pepper. We've overhauled the tomato production system to account for our expanding market and donation needs.

In other news, its farm conference season. Traci and I presented at the Illinois Specialty Crops Conference in Springfield recently. I just returned from the 2nd annual Organic Vegetable Production, which has a unique format that allows growers to discuss specific crops in greater depth. I found the sessions on Pest Management and Cucumbers to be particularly interesting. Later this month, the MOSES Organic Farming Conference takes place in La Crosse, WI. It is the largest organic farming event in America. Attending that is always a wonderful experience, as people from all over the country come together to share their passion for organic farming. If you ever have a question about your garden or our growing methods: don't hesitate to ask. I'd be happy to share any of my knowledge to help you have your best garden yet!

See you soon!