Traci Barkley, Director

"Connecting the spokes"

Favorite Vegetable: Turnips!



Hunter DiFonso, Farm manager

"Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Favorite Vegetable: Tomatoes!


Tod Satterthwaite, Board Farm Coordinator and Treasurer

"Jack of all trades"

Favorite Vegetables: Beets, beet greens and fall spinach!


Pastor Bob Rasmus, Pastor of St. Matthew Lutheran Church

"Man of big dreams and faith"

Favorite Vegetable: Raw okra!

Seasonal Staff:  Ben Joselyn, Jessica Henrichs, Tim Peters


And here's to our Board!  The folks responsible for launching and sustaining the farm include (from left to right): Jake Tammen, Rev. Cindy Shepherd, Alan Tammen, Pastor Bob Rasmus, Dorothy Gable, William Munro, Beth Johnson and Tod Satterthwaite.  Not pictured: Gary Volkening.